Thursday, 7 August 2014

Black Widow White Widow by De Wet Potgieter

Reviewed by Desere

In 2013 De Wet Potgieter first published a report on the active presence of Al-Queda in South                     Africa, naturally all hell broke loose, because obviously anyone who hears the word Al-Queda                     thinks about countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan  and all the blood, guts and gruesome images that           goes with it, and then operating in South Africa, no way !

At the time I myself did not think anything of it, because of course no one wants to associate the truly horrible world of Al-Queda with our country.

But on a professional level I have long dealt with the men and woman serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and never ever did I stop to think the Al-Queda they inform me about on a daily basis would be active right under my nose.

After reading this book I for darn sure will be double check looking over my shoulder and thinking twice when reading a news article centered around the facts mentioned in this book.

The author's truly did his research, he backs all his claims up with proper facts, which I found most enlightening as when reading most real life based books the authors usually make the claims based on something they have heard or read, and then tries to let the reader be sucked in to their way of thinking, all whist not presenting actual hard evidence, De Wet Potgieter does no such thing!

The manner used to tie all the links such as the massacre at Westgate mall and the involvement of the Black Widow and was done with some of the most gripping and outstanding level of writing I have ever come across.

Truly fascinating to think that these types of people walk amongst us and live in our country roaming the streets with us day after day!

If you want to know who might be lurking in your back yard who that quite never talks to anyone neighbor across the road truly is and what they get up to, then read this book. It will forever change your outlook on our country.

Highly recommend read.
5/5 star review
" Al-Qaeda tightens the hold on the world, one country at a time" 

** Now available from Penguin Books South Africa 

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